My work is an examination of material, texture, form, and subtle explorations of positive and negative space and hints of color.


Through my abstracted use of circles, my work challenges perceptions of process and material to suggest closer examinations. I invite the viewer in to explore the subtle textures and depth and dimensions created in the work as expressed through the metal and patina. My work explores the contradiction of material and process by transforming metal to appear soft and delicate, resulting in work that evokes contemplation, balance, and calm.


My work utilizes the circle in the investigation of material, composition, and process. By manipulating the circle in various configurations, I use minimal positive and negative space along with texture and patina to play upon tension, balance, and form. The circle also helps to achieve the contrast of material vs. form by invoking a sense of continuousness, calmness, and tranquility.


Rebecca Fox

San Francisco, CA 2022