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Specializing in abstract steel and bronze sculpture, my primary focus is on circles. Through my nuanced exploration of wrapping space with metal, the essence of my artistic process is rooted in meticulous craftsmanship and inquisitive investigation of material, process, and form. In my work I explore the interplay of positive and negative space as my work engages in a dynamic dialogue between these elements.


Exclusively centering my sculptures around the circle enables a profound examination of its expressive potential and my ability to intricately manipulate this form. This deliberate choice defines a cohesive visual language across my body of work.


Challenging conventional perspectives of the material, I manipulate metal with flowing lines, interesting textures, transformative circular forms, and complimentary patinas. The endless possibility of the circular shape creates visual interest and intrigue by juxtaposing the material vs. form which invites contemplation as viewers examine their perceptions.


In my hands, metal, inherently rigid and heavy, transforms into a malleable material where I continually push boundaries by creating an illusion of lightness, delicacy, and fragility. By concealing and refining welds, I achieve a seamless flow in each piece. The application of various patinas, chemicals, and finishes serves to further soften the material, harmonizing the overall aesthetic and creating a cohesive visual and tactile experience fostering greater contemplation about the work.


Through my work, viewers are invited to explore their curiosity and reflect on their conventional perspectives of process and material through my abstracted manipulation of metal.

Rebecca Fox

San Francisco, CA 2024

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