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  • Do you accept visitors at your studio?
    If you would like to see my studio in order to view and purchase current work, discuss a commission, gallery or other project opportunity, please contact me to make an appointment or click on the booking tab. I open my studio twice a year (pre and post Covid) during Open Studios where the public is invited to my studio to see my new work. Please sign the sign-up tab to be added to my mailing list so I can notify you when these exhibitions occur.
  • Where do you show and sell your work?
    I sell my work directly through my website, at my studio and through various galleries and art exhibitions. Please visit my exhibitions page to learn more about where I am currently showing and selling my work.
  • Do you accept commissions?
    Yes and no. It depends on the specific scope of the project. Please contact me so we can discuss your project so I can determine if this is a good fit.
  • I want a specific size piece; can you scale up or down?
    Absolutely. If you see a piece you like but want it scaled up for a large site-specific project, I am able to do this. Or, if you want me to create a custom site-specific piece, please contact me so we can discuss your project.
  • What payments do you accept?
    Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, PayPal, Venmo, Cash
  • Do you ship?
    Yes. Please contact me for shipping costs.
  • What is your return policy?
    I want everyone who purchases a piece of my work to love it. If for any reason you decide the work is not right for you, please contact me within seven days of your purchase. If the work is in the exact same condition as when you bought it, you can exchange it for a full refund or exchange it for another work if the work was locally picked up or dropped off. If the work was shipped, the client is responsible for return shipping costs. If you had the piece shipped to you, you will be refunded for the price of the work minus the return shipping costs. If you want to return a commission within seven days of purchase, you will be given a 50% refund or a credit for 50% of the sales price to exchange for other work. If you had the piece shipped to you, you will be refunded for the price of the work minus the return shipping costs.
  • Do you help clients with the selection and placement of your artwork?
    Yes. My work is dimensional and inhabits space and therefore it can be tricky to see a piece on my website or in my studio and be certain that you would like to live with it forever. For seriously interested collectors, I do offer a service limited to collectors in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am able to loan out the work for a limited time so you may try it in your space. Additionally, I am able to come to your home or business and help curate your space to find the right spot for my work. Please contact me with any questions.
  • What metals do you work with?
    The main focus for most of my career has been steel. In the past few years I have expanded and now also work with bronze. At times I do work with and incorporate copper, brass and aluminum in my work.
  • Will my piece change over time and rust?
    All of my pieces are fully coated with a protective sealer. Steel pieces kept inside and away from moisture should not change or rust. Due to the nature of the material, there is no guarantee that over time, if placed outside or in a high moisture area, the pieces will not naturally patina, change and possibly rust. Often collectors like to see the natural occurrences of their piece transform outdoors in the elements. All of my bronze pieces are coated with sealers. Left inside away from moisture, they will typically remain the same. Left outside, they will patina and change over time. If you are specifically interested in an outdoor piece or a piece in a high moisture area such as a bathroom, that you do not want to change or patina over time, please contact me to discuss your specific project as I may be able to create a specific work that is more stable in those elements.
  • What's your art background?
    Growing up I was always exposed to art. My mother loved art and crafts (still does) and took me to indoor and outdoor art and craft exhibitions, museums and exposed me to a world of art, artists and creativity. I did a variety of art projects as a child and also attended a summer art camp. Our house was filled with pottery and art. My Uncle Alvin created metal sculpture for over twenty-five years. He focused mainly on brazing and wall sculptures. He lived in a different state so I would see him periodically throughout my childhood. Our house was filled with his and other art. Growing up I never specifically expressed interest in his work. It wasn't until I started working with metal on my own that I realized metal was in my blood and I have a direct connection to art, and specifically metal, through my family history. I moved from Los Angeles to attend college in Santa Cruz, and there I really became interested in art and took ceramics and sculpture classes. Then I moved to San Francisco and took classes at City College. For several years I was fascinated not only with metal but also with ceramics. At a certain point I realized I wanted to solely focus on metal so after years of working with ceramics, I decided it was time to put all my energy into metal sculpture. At City College I mainly took the metal sculpture class so I could use the studio. After several years of repeating the same class at City College (which back then you could do) I realized I was ready for my own studio. I never had a formal art education outside of these classes so in a lot of ways, I am self-taught.
  • Why metal?
    From the very first time I worked with metal, something just clicked. It's not something I consciously thought that this is the material I want to spend my life exploring. Rather, once I started working in this medium, I never stopped. I find metal fascinating - how one can manipulate this hard, heavy object and transform it into something lighter. I also love tools, working with my hands and enjoy the physical nature of the work. There is something really fascinating about working with fire and being able to heat, bend, texture, patina and fuse metal together.
  • Where do you get your metal?
    Over the last twenty plus years of working with metal, I have collected quite a treasure of pieces. I collected metal from scrapyards, other metal worker friends would give it to me, and from metal shops where I previously worked. While I still have a large collection of discarded metal and do use recycled material at times, as my work has evolved over the years, I find that I am often purchasing metal from metal suppliers. This gives me more freedom to execute my designs in a different medium format.
  • Who does your welding for you?
    Me! I do all the welding myself.
  • How did you learn welding?
    I moved from Los Angeles where I grew up to attend college in Santa Cruz and there, I started really exploring art classes. From there, I moved to San Francisco and I continued to take art classes. I took a metal arts class at City College which specialized in jewelry. My teacher saw the types of pieces I was making and suggested the following semester I might be interested in taking his sculpture class. I enrolled in the class and without any previous interest in welding, I immediately became drawn to the medium and have been working with metal non-stop ever since. I wanted to learn more about the skill side of welding, so I could utilize my skills to make the best art using this medium. When I was first creating art and learning welding, I worked at a metal fabrication shop so I could learn more about techniques and tools and apply them to my art. I worked there Part-Time for several years. I also took welding classes at City College, non-art related, but trade related so I could enhance my skills and apply these skills to my art.
  • Do you teach welding?
    I have taught welding in the past and may do so at some point again in the future. I enjoy sharing my passion for welding and metalwork with others, especially with girls and women. However, I am currently focused on my art practice and do not currently offer these services.
  • Can you weld something for me that is broken or make me a custom table, etc.?"
    Well, technically I can. However, I do not accept this type of work. I don't do repairs, but if you are interested in an artistic piece, I would be open to discussing the project. If you need a referral to a metal worker who can assist with your specific non-art related project, please contact me and I would be happy to point you in the right direction to one of the many talented metal workers I know.
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